Department of Astronomy Non-University Machine Policy

1. Purpose

Since the University holds the department IT staff and management responsible for all machines connected to the department's network, and since the department's network is a limited resource, it is necessary to formally define restrictions on the use of non-university owned equipment in the department. This document establishes a policy that imposes explicit restrictions on non-university owned computers and other network equipment in the Department of Astronomy.

2. Scope

All non-university owned equipment currently connected, or intended to be connected, to the department network at any time are subject to this policy. This includes machines or equipment that either are or might be connected to the department network both indirectly (e.g. behind a NAT device, hub/router, or wireless) or directly (e.g. to the network jack).

3. Policy

3.1 Each user is allowed to have, at most, only one non-university owned computer on the network. 

3.2 No non-university, non-computer equipment (e.g. printers, NAS/SAN devices, wireless router) is allowed to be physically connected to the network (i.e. plugged into a network jack). 

3.3 No non-university owned equipment will be hosted on the department network for anyone that does not have an office in the Astronomy building with the exception of short-term departmental guests and wireless users that have agreed to the Astronomy department acceptable use policy.

3.4 Users are required to maintain secure machines and to comply with all departmental and university computer policies.

3.5 No configuration changes will be made to central departmental services to accommodate non-university machines.  DHCP will be used for non-university machines and they will be hosted fully closed behind the Campus firewall.

3.6 Exceptions to these rules must be justified in writing and approved by the computer committee. 

4. Enforcement

Anyone found to have violated this policy will have their network access removed pending a review by the computer committee.