All printing to the department printers is done through the print server:

You need to be on a Campus network to be able to print. If you're on Eduroam, you're outside the Campus firewall and won't be able to print.

104 Mail Room

Xerox Versalink B605

104_copier - regular queue

HP Laserjet P3015dn

104_bw - regular queue

104_bw_d - duplex queue

204 Computer Lab

HP Laserjet P3015dn

204_bw - regular queue

204_bw_d - duplex queue

HP Laserjet 500 Color M551dn

204_color - regular queue

204_color_d - duplex queue

Setting up printers:


Use either lpd or cups through

To setup a single queue:

lpadmin -p printer_name -v -E

where printer_name is what you want to call your local print queue, and queue_name is the printer queue you want to print to (e.g. 204_bw)

Easy CUPS config to setup all queues:

Make sure cups is installed on your Linux install.

In the file /etc/cups/client.conf put the following:


Setting up printing through Papercut Mobility Print on OS X or Windows:

Go to and download the installer for your OS. The installer will configure all the public printer queues.

Setting up individual print queues:


Add Printer

Put in server and queue information with IPP protocol selected. Put in printer name.


Use Select Software to choose the printer driver


Enable the duplexer



To setup Windows to print via cups you need to do the following:

Select Add device

Select Add manually

Put in print server and queue information in the Select shared printer by name section

Select the print driver


Print a test page if you want

To enable the duplexer on the printer setup, select Printer properties

Set the Duplex Unit to Installed under the Device Settings tab